Road Trips in a GTP Targa

Random Consulier GTP photos taken during road trips.

These shots are not in any particular order.
Took the photos just because I thought the
shots were interesting to me.

Took a couple road trips from Oregon to
southern California. Interstate 5, highway 99,
and up the coast highway 101.

Also took one trip that was 5400 miles and went
through 15 states.

This one was taken in Nebraska.

I think this one is in Las Vegas New Mexico.
Off highway 99 in central California.

This is in front of an old railroad round house.

Now used as semi-truck parking garage.

I think this was in Arizona.

Driving from Arizona to California. I saw this and took
an exit then down the access road to get to it.

Off highway 99 in California.
Northern California near Shasta.
Northern California near Shasta.
Just off highway 101 in southern Oregon.
My name is Johnny so had to shoot this.
The food was great! This is in Winston Oregon.
This was an old store and gas station...many years ago.

Yes, Mount Rushmore.


Clinton Iowa. My grandfather lived here years ago.

Heading east on highway 90, had to take a drive through town.
The Harley ralley wasn't going on, so the town was quiet.
This is in southwest Portland Oregon.

Did a few car shows. Here a pretty gal that
reminded me of Barbie that found the Barbie car.
This was in southern California.

Shelby Dodge Auto Club (SDAC) invited the Consulier
cars to their annual get together. Three cars showed.

Near Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

Does this car make this house look rich?
Egyption Theatre in Coos Bay Oregon.
Parked by the Coos River in southwest Oregon.

How could I not take a photo of the "Pink House" with
my car in front of it.

Just outside Eureka, California. Old logging cookhouse
that is a reasturant where it is served "family style" just like
the good old days.

Multnomah Falls in northern Oregon by the Columbia River.
Alpine Valley Resort, midwest Wisconsin.
Alpine Valley Resort, midwest Wisconsin.
I love Shelby cars, had to stop for a photo.
Pink caught my eye. Had to take a phto.
This was in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Lonesome road in the middle of nowhere.
Going between Arizona and California.


What speed limit?

Northern California.