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Might take a while but in this section we would like to list all the cars with a little info and a photo. The number on the left is the last digit(s) of the VIN.
For a page of random Consulier GTP photos, go HERE.


1990 Consulier GTP

Owner says....The last 2 of the VIN is 01, but the placard on the frame says "race car 22" so I'm assuming that the production number is 22 since I know the #1 car was still at the shop when I bought mine.

002 1988      
003 1990 red      
004 1990 white      
05 race car #79      
06 1988      
007 1988
This car sold on ebay Jan 2014. This car lives in Arizona.
08 1988
Has Recaro seats, Fittistar wheels, LX trim with two tone paint. Car is in California.

Owned by one of the people that worked at Consulier. Now sold.
Car is now in Alberta Canada


009 Red
Originally was built for a Consulier employee. Has big brake kit and upgraded computer. Car lives in Kansas City, MO.
010 1988      
11 1988  

This car was a "Track Time" car when Bobby Rahal had the school. It has a full cage, Schruth belts, Corbeau seats, number 50 on the sides, window net... no idea on mechanicals.


1988, LX version.

It lives in Wisconsin right now.

14 1990 black

race car #19

1990 Red, lived in southern
California....just sold, new owner
is in Florida.



1990 red car
This car belonged to a guy that worked for Warren Mosler for 25 years. It has less than 2000 miles on it. It is a LX version series 1.
He just sold it, car is now in Ohio.


19 1990 Consulier GTP LX Targa Series 1
This car was used in the Matco Tool calendar in 1991. Was told the wife of Mosler picked the colors for the car. The Miami Vice TV show was popular then, so I am guessing that had something to do with the choice.
It was then used a a promo car a few years. Then was prepped for paint and never re-painted. When I got the car in 2013 it still had the masking tape on it from 18 years prior.
Car is in Oregon.
Poster car for MatcoTools in 1991  

Titled as a 1993,
a red targa.
This car was sent to Solar Electric Engineering and was made in to the "Electricar GTP" and is now in Texas.

Yes an electric GTP!

This is also the same car....

1990 Targa
blue and black targa

last known was sold on ebay

Here is a video of it....



1990 Consulier GTP LX Targa
Series 1

This one lives in Florida.
It only has 6000 miles and about 440 hours.(12-2-13)
In great condition and he drives it all the time.
last 2 vin is 25

Most of the targa cars that were built with roofs are removable in two pieces.
Not this one.
The back window is also not removable.

026 1990 blue      
027 1990 Red      
28 1990 Green targa. Lives in Kentucky  
29 1991 blue      
030 1990 Green      
34 1990
Bought from the factory sale unfinished. Lives in Wisconson.
It was made a roadster, but might end up being a targa car.
35 Red Targa  
039 1991 Green (targa?)      
041 1991 White      
043 1991 Red      
45 1990 Blue
Owner has made it into a 16V car. Engine from a Spirit R/T...but built for more HP!
46 1991 series 2...in Texas.  
005 Formally na IMSA race car. Then was raced briefly in SCCA Super Production. Then was in storage for 20 years. Now is out and running again. It is in Oregon.  
51? An unfinished Targa. This had #51, 312 lbs written on it.
It is now in Gilbertsville, PA.