This is about the finding and the restoration of the #19 Targa.
Found sitting in the factory warehouse for 18 years, I bought it
and started the restoration in August 2013
I'll try to add restoration tips as they become available.

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1990 Mosler
Consulier GTP Targa
"The Barbie Car"
This is a 1990 Consulier GTP Targa,
built by Mosler Automotive.
About 84 Consulier GTP cars were made.
Of these 84, 20 were pure race cars.
Less than 10 convertibles were made.
This a series 1 street car. About 2300 pounds.
Powered by a 2.2 Chrysler turbo-2 engine

Stock it is 175 to 200 hp.
It has a 555 Gatreg trans-axle.
The engine and trans sit behind the seats.
(mid-engine car)
New these sold for $55,000 to $71,000.

They were built in Riviera Beach, Florida USA.

This paticular car was used in a Matco Tool promotion. And was in an early 90's Matco Tool calendar. This car was nicknamed "The Barbie" car because of it's colors. There was also a "Ken" car. If you look at the first photo, you can see it behind the van, and in front of it in this shot.
The "Ken" car was a roadster. And so far I can't
find that it was used at all in the MatcoTool promotion.

This car is a LX, which is a step up from the regular GTP. It has Recaro bucket seats, air conditioning, and AM/FM CD radio, tilt steering, cruise control, leather trim package, power windows, power door locks, and 100% wool carpeting. And it had a "car phone" originally, but it was missing when I got the car.

The radiator is in the back tail, those are two cooling fans you see there in the black section.

A company called RP High Performance bought out Molser and Rossion Automotive and droppped the Mosler name and will keep the Rossion name.

So the new company needed warehouse space and was selling off all the Consulier cars. The last one sold was this "Barbie" car.
It was being prepared for re-paint, as can be seen by these photos. It was sold as is, not re-painted.

It sat with the masking tape on it for 18 years.

The "Ken" car is a roadster, while this
"Barbie" car is a Targa. The car has never
had a targa cover fitted to it.
So there is no top.

This car was a factory promo car and up
to this sell, was never sold to the public.
I am the first owner, and it is 23 years old.

Under the "hood" is this... battery, spare tire, and the brake booster. No room for luggage.
All leather seats was an option, which this car has. The pull-out cd radio is missing it seems. As part of the gauges, there is a clock, a hours for the engine gauge, trans temp, among normal gauges.
Power is this 2.2 turbo Chrysler 4-cylinder. Only 200HP, but then the car only weighs 2300 pounds.
A few tweeks will make it 235 hp. Which will
produce 0 to 60 times under 5 seconds.

Engine cover is missing on this car. Mosler/Rossion has molds somewhere. Hope to get the mold or have
a cover made.

Here is a video link to a few cars that were being sold.

I found out that the cover is missing because while a
customer was driving the car, the engine cover had
come loose and flew off. When it hit the road, a truck ran over it.

This car was featured in a Matco Tool promo calendar from 1991.
The car was taken from the factory to a shop
to have it brought up to running condition.
It needed much more work. So after it was
at least running good enough to drive it on
to and off a transport, the shop left the rest
of the work for me to do.
The car was transported from Florida to Vancouver Washington. I then trailered it home.
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