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If you have any more info on parts for the GTP, please let us know so we can include it here.

  Parts for the GTP

from early to late cars of course.

I want to include part numbers where I can or at least what car they came from so you can go to any parts store and ask for and get the parts that will fit.

I found these to be true on my 1990 car:


1988 Daytona spindles/hubs front and rear
Brakes Front: 1988 Daytona 10 inch rotors.
Brakes rear: 1988 Pontiac Fiero rears
On the rears, I found on the calper's I bought, the metal sleeves where the bolts go through to hold the caliper to the knuckle were too small of diameter and I had to swap them. But is this the fault of the rebuilder or part of the conversion to get them to work on the FWD mopar knuckles?

Brake line part numbers are
RAYBESTOS Part # BH38045 front and rear right
RAYBESTOS Part # BH38046 front and rear left
These lines are late 80s K-car, Daytona, Shadow parts with the center bracket removed.

Power Brake Booster part #54-74100 ( this number good at most parts stores)

Taillight right GM part #915930
Taillight left GM part #915929

They are tail lights 79-86 El Camino or Malibu wagon

H4703 low beam
H4701 high beam
Dash lights are

Steering column being from the Chrysler Daytona -Chrysler part #4326815
Outside door handles from Caravan/Daytona

Stock looking replacement mirrors are here...
Look at the "Baby Tornado" Flat Vitaloni, but these are just a little smaller and not electric.
Left #V5567
Right #V5521
Call and ask them, they dont show it but they do have replacement electric ones also. (spendy though)

Windshield "WAS" made by Viracom and the code is C-368.
But no longer made.

The door seals from a 1996-99 (maybe others) sliding side door
will fit the Consulier doors.

In the door, the gear at the end of the motor that rolls the window up and down,
(cars with electric windows)
there are three small roller bushings made of some kind of plastic.
These go bad and then the window wont go back up. It just jumps...thump, thump thump!
These three bushing rollers are in the HELP! section of many parts stores....#74410.
If you want the gear and roller bushings....Dormin #747-411 or Cardone #82-94

If you need the wind-up/down motors…..
OEM part # 4336601 -- Drivers side -- DORMAN Part # 742305
OEM part # 4336600 -- Passenger side -- DORMAN Part # 742304


Fuel Pump...#E2315 AirTech or NAPA P74015
Fuel filter (after pump) is the same as the 1988 Daytona...WIX #33321...NAPA #3321...Purolator #F54617 except with the bracket removed.
The in-line fuel filter before the pump used NAPA Gold gas filter #3248 or
CarQuest #CFI 86299, or WIX #33248 (NAPA is also just a wix filter)

VDO Fuel Sender Unit = #226001



FRONT Shocks....
Fronts were made by Carrera, part number 3254 (#225 3254)
this line is now owned by QA1
the front has a removable treaded aluminum sleeve over the shock to make it a coilover.
QA1 acquired Carrera in 2004.
The replacement for the 32 Series Carrera shocks would be the 75 Series, part number 7554.
Although the shock body has #Q1 2516 on it.

Additional option I was told would work but I have not tested this...



The rear shocks (my car): #180 90
Number on the shock is.... KL-A2-L2 2480204H OOO

The numbers on another 1991 car are: #180 180
KL-A1-L3 2490 201 H 000
These are Bilstein coil over shocks and are rebuildable.


Was told the Clutch Slave Cylinder is out of an '81 Datsun 310.
5/8 bore #3502-.62
.70 bore #3502-.70
3/4 bore #3502-.75
(available from Pegasus auto racing)
USE....Clutch master cylinder Girling .75" bore remote master cyl.
They do make replacements and rebuild kits if yours isn't too bad.
They do make a slightly smaller ( .70" bore ) replacement unit for just over half the cost of the original Girling unit:

Head gasket "Cometic" #C5734-66
Radiator upper hose NAPA part #602
Radiator lower hose NAPA part #7670
"S" shaped hose NAPA part #8228
Coolant hose NAPA part #8019 (gates 21308)

90 degree 5/8" heater hose, molded (NAPA) #9809

Rack & Pinion rack #4333466 and now #4443425
Not sure how they did this as the FWD cars were power steering and the GTP is not.
This is from a 1988 Shelby Daytona
Ball Joints...
(These are the press in style and are the same as a 1989 Caravan, etc)
Moog #7147…forward and outer
Moog #7147…lower
or use Raybestos Chassis #505-1101 (Best to ask for the Pro grade, not service grade)

Ball Joints... (4-bolt style)
(Same as a AMC Javelin 1970-74)
NAPA 2601087 (260-1087)…upper
or use Raybestos Chassis #500-1014 (ask for the Pro grade, not service grade)
front of the car takes one press in style per side (lower)
front of the car takes one bolt-in style per side (upper)

rear of the car takes two press in style per side (on a-arm front and a-arm near knuckle)
rear of the car takes 1 bolt in style per side. (upper)

VD120107 speedo
VD340011 speedo sensor
The 120 mph speedo has superseded to #437-052
The 140 mph speedo has superseded to #437-053
The sender is the same for both…about $126 (didn't write down the part number)
VD150061 turbo-boost gauge
VD226001 adj fuel sender
VD301015 fuel gauge
VD310012 temp gauge
VD310015 temp gauge trans
VD310039 temp gauge water
VD323050 temp sender trans
VD323057 oil temp sender
VD323095 water temp sender
VD331020 engine hour meter
VD332041 volt meter
VD333055 tachometer
VD360009 oil pressure sender
VD37021 clock
VD600-802 bulb
VD600-813 bulb sockets
Taillight right GM part #915930
Taillight left GM part #915929
Facory Parts List
This is the factory parts list that was shared with me.
Not sure it it will help anyone, but it is interesting to see.
The "CH" numbers are Chrysler and the "CR" ones are
Consulier made ones.
Here is the List!

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has many of the same parts as the GTP. These venders might be able to help.

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