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Links to other sites that have info about the Consulier GTP

There is a lot of miss information. We will sort it out, but for now here are many links about the car.


The only forum I know with a special section for the Consulier GTP is this one:

You might find more info here:


These are a few links that have info on the GTP:

Very good article about Fitch and his true beliefs on the Consulier

Letter from Consulier Industries to the National Highway Traffic Safety Admin
(And VIN numbers)

  To get parts for the Consulier GTP, check out the Parts link for more info.
There are also a few places that specialize in FWD Mopars, which of course
has many of the same parts as the GTP. These venders might be able to help.

Suspension and engine mounts:

Turbos, engines, and many other parts:

Engine, transmission, and other parts:

Specializing in FWD parts also: